Your system partner throughout the process chain for anything involving electrical sheet
  • Laser technology plant
  • Punch packaging
  • Loose rotor and stator sheets
  • punching technology plant
Laser technology plant

Every series product caluculated in advance, laid out, and tested by us under field conditions.

Punch packaging

for every challange, the custom tool.

Loose rotor and stator sheets

designed from prototype to series ready status.

punching technology plant

punching, riveting, welding, metal/plastic, tool design

Stanz- und LaserTechnik Jessen GmbH


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Stanz- und
LaserTechnik Jessen GmbH

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Your experts in the processing of electrical sheet

The handling of complex projects is a focus of our work: We work with the development of your product using laser-cut prototypes, the construction of the punching die, and through to initial prototyping and series production. Our machine inventory includes automated punch presses from 250 kN up to one of the largest punch packaging systems in Europe, with 4,000 kN of pressure force and a table length of 3.10 m. These systems permit the fabrication of high-precision, innovative products over a broad spectrum. Our goal is to be a powerful partner for our customers in the electric motor and transformer industry.