Your system partner throughout the process chain for anything involving electrical sheet


Tradition and precision: Back in 1879, entrepreneur G. Fuhrman had already started production of iron and metal goods at today's location. The Jessen plant thus looks back on a tradition in metalworking that goes back to the 19th century.

Starting in 1960, the company, now under the name of Metallwarenfabrik Jessen, specialised in the punching of electrical sheet parts. The first stator and rotor sheets, as well as EI, L and M sheets were fabricated. The cornerstone of today's product portfolio had been laid.

By 1993, the company, now Stanztechnik Jessen GmbH, was a member of the Roos & Kübler Group. During this time, important technology such as punch packaging was established.

In 2008, laser cutting was introduced as another process for the fabrication of high-precision electrical sheet parts in the thin-sheet range.

To provide you with ready-to-wind components, since 2011 we can also offer you sprayed groove insulation as an alternative to conventional paper insulation. Punching and spraying, both technologies from a single source and both carried out under a single roof. Assemblies instead of components – our offer to you!

The successful individual activities in the area of punching and laser cutting of electrical sheet were bundled starting October 15, 2013, when Stanz- und LaserTechnik Jessen GmbH was founded. Today, we see ourselves as a specialised supplier of sheets and packages, offering you all kinds of services and products involving electrical sheet, starting with preseries and extending through all consulting services within complex projects, to series parts.

Our machine inventory is equipped with fast-run presses (200 – 4,000 kN) for nearly any application cases and dimensions.

Stanz- und LaserTechnik Jessen GmbH is an independent company. We are free in our selection of suppliers and business partners.

Punching and laser cutting: we have the right answer to any unit count scenario in terms of high precision and quality. Our promise to you – ask us!